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Protest Humor

Here’s a compilation of creative ideas for protest signs I’ve seen at Tea Parties and online.  Thought they were fun….and good ideas to use at the Tax Day Protests!

Bankrupt the Country?  YES WE CAN!

When Did “We the People” Become “This Guy from Kenya?”


Obama’s Health Care For Seniors:  Drop Dead!

It is our Right, it is our Duty to throw off such government:  The Declaration of Independence

Don’t Spread My Wealth, Spread My Work Ethic!

“Fairness” isn’t giving MY money away to LAZY people!

ObamaCare:  If it isn’t good enough for our politicians, it isn’t good enough for us!

D.C.=District of Corruption

Congress:  If you can read this, you can read THE LEGISLATION!

If Debt is the Problem…How can it be the Solution too?

How ’bout a 90% Tax on Congressional Salaries?

It’s Called “The Constitution!”  Read it!

The Constitution:  The Other Document They Never Read!

God asks for 10%  Why Should I Give More to Washington?

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2 Responses

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  1. jeff says

    i heard this last night, forgive me if its here somewhere and i just missed it. 3 characters were walking down the road, superman, snow white and pinochio, they come up on this place the sign says worlds strongest man contest, superman says ummmm thinks thats me he goes in comes out bout 10 minutes later gotta big ole 3 foot trophy, they walk on, they come upon a place that says worlds prettiest woman, snow white says ummm i think thats me, ten minutes later comes out has a 3 foot trophy, they walk on, they come upon a place that says, worlds greatest liar, pinochio says ummm i think thats me,, about 20 minutes later pinochio comes out with his head hangin mumbling, “what to hell is an obama”

  2. Bruce Wayne says

    Very Funny Jeff!

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