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"Rabid Right Wing Extremist"

A Letter from a “Rabid Right Wing Extremist”

Dear President Obama,

I am an American Citizen, I am a voter, and I am angry.

For the record:

  • I am not rich.
  • I am not a “professional political activist.”
  • I am not a member of an “Angry Mob.”
  • I do not know any “K Street Lobbyists.” (Even though the DNC thinks I do.)
  • I do not know anyone in the health insurance industry. (Even though Nancy Pelosi and Dick Durban say I do.)

Nor am I a member of any “well funded, highly organized groups run by Republicans or special interest groups”.

And although I have now been characterized by my government as a “rabid right wing extremist”, in truth I am just an average American:

  • I work.
  • I save.
  • I pay my taxes.
  • I obey the law.
  • I pursue happiness.

And I must tell you, I have been watching the antics in Washington, D.C.

And yes, I am angry!

I am truly angry at your calculated response to “We The People” at Town Hall Meetings.

The Obama Administration, Congress,the Democrat National Convention and your Democrat community organizers have gone into political overdrive in an attempt to characterize average American Citizens (like me) as “wackos”.

We The People try to express our concerns about your monstrous health care take over and what happens? All your political operatives come out to say that we are “crazies”.

Elected officials like Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, Harry Reid, Dick Durbin and Barbara Boxer have all weighed in, calling us–American citizens–“shrill” and “rabid”. They say we’re “the fringe” who have been “organized” by big insurance. And as proof they say we’re “too well dressed” to be a grass roots effort! And these are their nicer comments!

Mr. Obama, stop using your “Chicago Politics” tactics of intimidation.

Stop belittling, ridiculing or name calling those you don’t agree with.

Stop bullying us and shouting us down, hoping we’ll go away.

We won’t.

Your supporters know that if they can make a person, a group or an opinion appear to be ridiculous or extreme, that with the help of their complicit media friends, that they have been successful in shaping public opinion in the past.

But not anymore.

We’re tired of it. And we’re fed up!

As Americans, we didn’t like it when the Left used those tactics to shout down presentations by Ann Coulter or Tom Tancredo.

As Americans we didn’t like it when the Left was heavy handed with slash and burn tactics against the Palin family.

As Americans we didn’t like it when the Left required political correctness to the point of limiting Free Speech.

We didn’t like it. But we didn’t object too vigorously because we didn’t think you were attacking us.

But now you have.

You’ve gone too far. You’ve awakened the “sleeping giant” that is the average American. You are no longer using your attack machine against a candidate, a political pundit or a conservative idea.

Now you’re attacking us.

You’re attacking “We The People”.

You’re attacking American citizens!

  • All because we dared to disagree with you on your $787 billion “stimulus” package.
  • All because we dared to disagree with you on you “Cap and Trade” taxation plan.
  • All because we dared to disagree with you on your Health Care overhaul.

And all because we dared to use our Right to Free Speech to tell you so!

This video of Barbara Boxer clearly shows this “us against them” mentality. It is a clear example of your Congress that is against “We The People”. This is an example of the attitude that pervades Washington.

So I ask you Mr. Obama, and all of your elected officials: Who do you think you are?

You, Mr. Obama, your Vice President Mr. Biden, and the 535 Representatives in Congress appear to have been bought and sold by special interests. While I am not sure who has your “ear”, it is becoming increasingly clear that it is not us–the American Citizens–the American taxpayers.

The Congress and Senate seem to think that it is just fine to vote for legislation that they have not read–thousands of pages that will forever alter this great Republic–in a detrimental way.

These bills will cripple the American economy but you and our elected officials don’t seem to care. Your actions will cause the prices of gas, energy and healthcare to skyrocket for every man, woman and child in America, but again you politicians don’t seem to care.

Why do politicians appear to think it is more important to “manage the message” and “to influence public opinion” than it is to listen to our concerns and change the health care bill accordingly. Do you really think for a moment that we are buying this dog and pony show?

Honestly Mr. President we aren’t that stupid.

We’ve noticed that your message changes…almost daily. We’ve noticed your use of semantic changes that do nothing to actually address our concerns but make it sound as though you have. We know that you’ve said that “words matter” but Mr. President, those words have to have meaning!

Don’t lie, don’t obfuscate, and don’t try to deceive us.

Don’t forget, we read the bills!

Are you and the rest of our elected officials arrogant enough to think you can attend Town Halls and continue get away with such behavior?

Let me remind you…all of you…you work for us!

We entrusted you with power Mr. Obama. We entrusted the Congress with power as well. And you have dishonestly and dishonorably abused it. We are ashamed of and embarrassed by you–all of you. You no longer represent your constituents. You ignore, dismiss and make fun of us.

So what do we want?

We want you Mr. President, and the Obama Administration to Preserve, Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States.

And that doesn’t mean just the parts you like.

We want you to defend all of it!

We want you to listen to your constituents.

Not just the ones who agree with your philosophy.

We want our voices heard. And we want to be accurately and faithfully represented by you Mr. President and by Congress.

  • We want you to stop the insane spending.
  • We want you to reduce National Debt and balance the budget.
  • We want small, free market fixes to health care, not a massive government overhaul.
  • We want lower taxes for everybody.

Most of all we want you to represent America, Mr. President.

  • Not special interests.
  • Not the Democrat Party.
  • And not your own personal agenda.

We are proud to be Americans. We do believe in American Exceptionalism. And we want our government and our president to represent these same principles.

We The People have spoken.

We hope you are listening!

I am most sincerely,
The Fed Up American

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13 Responses

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  1. Chicagobluesgirl says

    Love this FUA, keep it up!

  2. NYCL Poster says

    My God, these people just have no clue. Cant these elected officials understand what the public wants and needs by the poll and news ratings? I dont know what to say anymore.
    This is the WORST administration I have ever seen in my life. Hate to say it, but we told them so. When you elect a man for President that has 2 months experience, exactly what do you think will happen? Its unraveling exactly how I said it would. Oh abd by the way, would YOU let a doctor with 2 months experience operate on YOU?? Didnt think so.

  3. Clinton Riffe says

    I am so sick of morons like John Stewart, Joe Klein, Ariana Huffington, and Bill Maher who HELP Obama and his cronies insult the majority of the American people. All you have to do is listen to their “potty mouths” and it’s easy to understand how depraved they are. This bunch wants us to believe that depravity is normal and the norm is depraved. What a blithering group of idiots! I hope the tea party grows until we have more people on the streets carrying signs than we have inside their houses. I wouldn’t mind a little passive resistance on the part of the American people. That’s what Ghandi did to free HIS people from enslavement. I’M NOT JUST TALKING. I AM ANGRY!

  4. michael says

    I love these posts and take every word to heart.Think of it many here on this site have experienced the different presidents and what they said,stood for and amended.I,m in canada and i,d like to defect..serious..our P.M is feeling that tense”don,t wanna be left out” kinda way.I can name call like anyone can,but when the “Change” hits here bad enough.i,m heading Away with some arms.What can be done, from the people, to have this turn around for us,the majority of N.America. In general, the 70,s were at least a good starting decade for a betterment.So i you think sometimes a revolution can be a healthy thing?

  5. M.G.Miller says

    AMEN! I am a Fed Up American, too! How far will Obama and company go before they realize just how out of touch with REALITY they are. WE THE PEOPLE need to stand together against these idiots or the country our children and grandchildren inherit will bear little resemblance to the one we grew up in. VOTE THE BUMS OUT!

  6. DRP907 says

    “We want you to stop the insane spending.
    We want you to reduce National Debt and balance the budget.
    We want small, free market fixes to health care, not a massive government overhaul.
    We want lower taxes for everybody.”

    • Insane spending perpetrated by Bush’s leadership and having to clean up his mess.
    • National Debt (historical) put in place by Bush’s unnecessary war brought on by lies and deception by republicans
    • The existing health care system had over 30 million americans uninsured and tens of thousands dying from simple health issues a year. IT DIDN’T WORK. IT HAD ITS CHANCE. Uncle sam said enough is enough.
    • And of course you want all this done AND pay less taxes. You can’t have it both ways. Taxes are how our country operates for the good of the whole. It’s about balance. For someone who operates a website about political action you sure don’t understand much about politics or more importantly government.

    Stop with the fear mongering, stop in-sighting hate in those that have been made fun of for being ignorant and lacking in an overall education of government. Yes, the average American is inadequately prepared to deal with governmental issues. That’s just how it is. That’s not talking down, or belittling, it’s just honest. The average John Smith doesn’t have a solution to political issues, only complaints and questions answered by fear.

    Instead of filibustering and blocking progress, how about conservatives step down from their high horses to come up with solutions from across the aisle? Stop demonizing Obama with rhetoric like “not being an american citizen” and “being Muslim” those things are inaccurate and racist and you know it. If he were white no one would even be questioning national origin or faith, plain and simple.

    I hope to start a dialogue with my concerns about the “righty” mentality because you obviously have so much opinion about us “lefties”.

    I’d like to understand your positions rationally rather than basing my opinions of you from media coverage of hateful epithets and racially offensive tea party signs. These things don’t lie. There has to be more to your agenda than fear and hate and I’d like to know what it is. You laid out a coupe goals. You believe in small government and restriction on their ability to control our lives. But I’d like to see what you and your followers believe the governments role is in the following:
    • Abortion
    • Gay Marriage
    • Faith based organizations influence on governmental process
    • A real, hands-on effort to decrease gun violence in this country
    • Immigration and citizenship programs

    I look forward to hearing from you or someone from here.

  7. Clinton says


    I’m a little late 3 months); but we’re now in the month of July, and you left-wing sycophants are STILL blaming Bush. I want to remind you of something: HE’S NO LONGER THE PRESIDENT! Why doesn’t Obama do what Reagan did. Reagan didn’t whine about all the things that were Carter’s fault (and there were plenty of those). He rolled up his sleeves AND FIXED CARTER’S MESS.
    First, you can blame Bush for getting the “debt ball” rolling; but Obama has been kicking it EVER SINCE; and it doesn’t seem he wants to stop. There are so many reasons I don’t like the health care plan that Obama and his henchmen have passed that I can’t go into them all. So I’ll just list a FEW:
    1. I believe there will be funding for abortion. I hold that abortion is murder.
    2. This IS a takeover of the health care system–not a REFORM of it. I don’t like the government gaining POWER over 1/6 of our economy. I especially don’t like socialistic power. Socialism has NEVER worked; and it never will. Remember the FORMER
    U.S.S. R.?
    3. The HC bill just passed is EXTREMELY expensive; and it was passed on the heels of Obama’s PORKULUS bill that never stimulated anything.
    Now for your last few items:

    Obama is extremely pro choice (pro murder, pro infanticide). He appoints SC justices which his radical left-wing extremist Senators approve. THAT is the government’s roll in abortion,. The Supreme Court, on of the 3 branches of our federal government, passed the despicable Roe v. Wade. I’d like to see it overturned.

    Homosexuality, I believe, is a learned behavior; and being such, it is a CHOICE. With marriage comes legal “rights”. I also don’t want gays to count as another legal “minority” which they;re clamoring for. This would impact my tax dollar STILL more. They don’t have a right to my money because of their CHOICES.

    We NEED faith based organizations to influence government. Every OTHER group influences them.

    I am in FAVOR of SOME gun control. I am not in favor of taking my 2nd amendment rights away. I am a sportsman. I love to hunt. I have never harmed another human being with a gun; and I don’t intend to do so.

    Immigration and the illegal alien problem cannot be solved by simply giving them citizenship. That seems to be the liberal approach. Just make everything legal. That way it’s not a crime anymore. Simplistic thinking, in my opinion.

    I hope this clears up your curiosity.

  8. James says

    Typical response and demagoguery of the radical leftist kooks. When someone disagrees with you, you call them names, question their intellect and call them a racist. That ’s right out of the handbook for propagandist like yourself. You can’t quantify and support your position so you demonize those with different opinions. Modern Liberalism is based in insecurity, anger and intolerance. Read the definition. You nor the Democrats are liberal.You’re angry vindictive people who must try to control everyone in hopes of easing you’re feelings of inadequacy. Liberals are tolerant, invite different viewpoints and are respectful of others beliefs. You and your cronies are are consumed with trying to be more important than others around you. You don’t want intelligent discourse, you want to force your beliefs on all people. I have never been involved in an intelligent conversation with a Modern Liberal. I have been shouted at, told I was obviously wrong and interrupted every time it was my turn to speak. That’s not discussion but it is all I get from extremist whom incorrectly identify themselves as Liberals. Please substantiate one of your unsourced and inciting ( not in-sighting) remarks. I have inserted it in the body of text for you.

    ” and tens of thousands dying from simple health issues a year. ”

    Is this in the United States or another country? Or perhaps the entire world? I am interested to read actual measurable data to support this statement. I would also like you to read the definition of racism. You clearly don’t understand the term.

  9. Mark says

    DRP907 says
    “We want you to stop the insane spending.
    We want you to reduce National Debt and balance the budget.
    We want small, free market fixes to health care, not a massive government overhaul.
    We want lower taxes for everybody.”

    It is quite possible to reduce taxes, reduce the National Debt, and balance the budget by REDUCING SPENDING. The average taxpayer has done this during the past year. Our household income has been cut in half, and we have reined in our spending, We have reused, recycled. We have become MORE AGGRESSIVE at paying down debt and saving. Bottom line–2011 vs 2008: income at 50%, savings at 150%, net worth has increased 20%. The USA could do the same.

    As for
    • Abortion
    • Gay Marriage
    • Faith based organizations influence on governmental process
    • A real, hands-on effort to decrease gun violence in this country
    • Immigration and citizenship programs
    These are issues which should be handled by the individual States, as laid out in the Constitution. While States do have some budgetary issues currently, they have historically performed better at handling issues than the Federal Gov’t. and should be allowed to continue.

  10. Delbert Brigner says

    I truly enjoy reading on this site, it contains superb blog posts. “The great secret of power is never to will to do more than you can accomplish.” by Henrik Ibsen.

  11. Clinton Riffe says

    I believe it’s now official. Obama is the worst president in the history of our nation. Many presidents have made mistakes, but most have done SOMETHING to help the country. Obama has done NOTHING. In fact, he has done less than nothing. I would be happy if he’d just settle for nothing. He is DESTROYING the country. What is the most amazing thing to me is the fact that liberals see the truth but they plan to vote for him ANYWAY. How INSANE is that?!

  12. lAWRENCE bROWN says


  13. Clinton says

    If I’m not mistaken, Alexander Hamilton, our first Secretary of Treasury said that ordinary Americans should not choose our elected officials. He basically believed American people to be too stupid to choose wisely, although he didn’t say it that distastefully. If the American people elect Obama . . . AGAIN. . . we will know that Hamilton was RIGHT ! The fact that they voted this Marxist, secularist, socialist demagogue into office to begin with does not speak well for the intelligence of the American people.

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