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Lately the stunts our elected officials in Washington have been pulling have reached new heights.  They spend our money on foolish agendas.  They go on elaborate trips abroad with their spouses, their families and their staff…all at our expense.  They ignore our letters and phone calls.  And they vote for their own agendas as payback to their entitlement groups who keep getting them elected and allow them to keep their power.

And I am FED UP!

I decided to put up this blog as a place to exchange ideas, to rant, to encourage each other to educate ourselves, to watch what government is doing, and to be active in letting them know our views.

Please feel free to comment on my posts or to bring up topics you want to discuss.  Please do be respectful in your comments.  Even if you don’t agree with a post or another poster…let’s keep our discourse civil.

And when those loony leftists come and spew their nastiness as has become their habit, do keep your comments respectful to them as well.  Don’t fall to their level.  Do take the chance to educate and inform.  Who knows, perhaps yours will be the argument that transforms their thinking.

We can best influence others by being informed, coherent in our arguments and strong and respectful in our beliefs.

Thank you,

The Fed Up American

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17 Responses

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  1. Connie Meyer says

    I too, am “fed” up with all the bleeding- heart liberals with all their proposed entitlement programs. There is no incentive for any of these people to work as they know that Government will take care of their every need. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Somebody has got to pay for all of this! I grew up in a time that the people would rather be “DEAD THAN RED”and Communism/Socialism was evil. The problem with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money. But hey a lot of our businesses have moved over seas to escape the unions because the labor cost is too high here. So now those employees are unemployed but hey… they are still have their Union memberships!

  2. Tony Caputo says

    I want to be a Democrat!

    I am 67 years old, retired and living on Social Security. I worked over 40 years and paid in to the system for that 40 year period. Also, I am a Veteran and now I decided I want to be a Democrat!

    If I am a Democrat I can get:

    FREE Welfare
    FREE Food Stamps
    FREE English Lessons
    FREE Medical Attention
    FREE Housing
    FREE Public Assistance
    FREE Schooling
    FREE Social Security

    Oh no gosh, I just realized, I am not qualified, I am NOT a Minority or an Illegal Immigrants.


    How much more $$$ does and illegal immigrant collect than a retired American Citizen on Social Security?

    The Patriot from Florida…..May, 2010.

  3. billy says

    QUICK PULL MORE CASH OFF THE CITIZENS MONEY TREE IN THERE YARDS.ops all the touching and grabbing has killed the tree

  4. Loreanna says

    The majority of the citizens in this country are fed up as well. Democrats pretend to love our troops, yet the over seas ballots are always in peril, the liberal mainstream media continues to put them and their families in danger, the government denies them badly needed equipment (they have to borrow from the navy and airforce), the GI bill is now loaded with with an amnesty package? Someone correct me if Reid is not asking for amnesty funds to be included in the GI bill. And as far as Obamas speech about pulling the troops out of Iraq as he so ignorantly took a shot at Bush instead of praising him, just sickened me. And don’t even get me started on that doughhead MCartney with his library comment (that Obama chuckled at) seems to me, MCartney and Obama could stand to visit a library considering Bush is married to a librarian andhas prob read more books in his 8 yrs of pres than Obama or Paul in their entire lives. on that note.. our declaration of independence is NOT a declaration dependence no matter what our socialist goverment decides they want to shove down our throats next. VOTE PLEASE

  5. Loreanna says

    Please excuse my rant and/or typos. I am so sick and tired of a handful of uneducated, greedy, republican bashing, ill informed, power hungry socialists selling out our Country, borrowing money, taxing the rich (who happen to employ a large portion of us middle class) coddling illegals for votes, spouting off with help from the NAACP that america is racist (we have a black president in case they didn’t notice) and instead of protecting our states from going bankrupt because of illegal immigrants, or protecting our borders, they take it apon themselves to get the ACLU involved and sue instead. Why is it when I get pulled over, I’m asked for drivers licence and insurance, I have to abide the law, but if you pull over a hispanic and he has no drivers licence or is suspicious, its racial profiling? Sick and tired of hearing republicans are to blame for everything. Dems took the house and senate in 2006 and since then, its been an uphill battle just to make ends meet. Epic fail. Get them out and someone please tell Nancy Pelosi and Obama that its NOT a democracy, its a constitutional republic. Then again, that’s their MO. Mob like mentality, majority rules and it wouldn’t surprise me if they tried to abolosh the electoral in the near future.

  6. lilmommacass says

    I’m fed up to say the very least but I don’t fully agree with either party. I want the people to take back america but how do we even do that? It’s not so black and white as conservative or liberal. I’m neither. Do I vote for the lesser of two evils? That’s ridiculous. I want the democrats to stop spending so much dadgum money and ruining the economy for my generation and I want the republicans to recognize the separation of church and state.

  7. 77patriot says

    Many in the Republican party are not much better. For example, John McCain ranted on and on in the Senate about all the pork this new tax bill would give out but in the end, he’s going to vote for it anyway. And John Boehner is not someone I’m impressed with either. I don’t want any increase on the estate tax, period. And that’s what this new bill would do (make the rate 35% versus 50%).
    We need to hold the feet of these newly elected “tea party” congressmen to the fire. Make sure they do what they said they would.
    Thanks for this blog.

  8. mark king says

    The social security wage base is $ 106,800. That means that a person who earns $ 750,000 a year pays in to social security the same amount that the person that earns $ 106, 800 a year does. A person who earns $ 5,000,000 a year pays in the same amount that a person earning $ 106,800 does. No wonder the social security fund is bankrupt. I am fed up. When is the next march on Washington DC?

  9. otto says

    i hear you mark king but that is because there is a cap on how much you can get from S.S too.

  10. aml says

    Refreshing site. Glad to know that it is here. I have worked my entire life to support everyone’s family but mine. It is time to take our country back for our kids. We need to shut everyone else out and take care of ourselves.

  11. louise says

    i am appalled that we the citizens of america even have to be concerned with all of this we send represenatives and senators to washington d.c. to do a job we shouldn’t even have to be concerned with all this sillyness in our government we aren’t getting paid to do this worrying or to have to continously contact them to do their job

  12. dest4mex says

    R U Fed Up Enough?

  13. marlene says

    i am fed up with our government , i will not vote because it dose not matter , our government stopped thinking of us years ago i dont understand that we are in everyone elses backyard trying to fix thier country when we cant even take care of our own country, and the illegal situation whats wrong with obama and espeicially nopalotano? she was from my state, she knows the problem here , but her and obama seem to think there is none ? the solution give the people who have been here over a year, who have provided for themselves who have not had any criminal activity , give them temporary citizenship and start the process for them to become citizens , and if you are living of americans and i say americans meaning any nationality , and you are a criminal ,get them out of here , its funny that mexico is our border country and thier president visited our president to complain about the imigration problem , ok well he can’t even run his own country the cartel runs him and his country , and our president is taking advise from him , whats wrong with this picture ? we also have a corupt government and i am looking to get off thier grid …

  14. shooter says

    I’ve been employed by the USG for over 20 years not including my military service years. If the economy was any better I would retire, cash out my government retirement account which I have contributed to for my whole career, and drop off the grid. I have been in combat for this country and continue to sacrifice myself for the good of the citizens. It makes me sick to see how the Washington thugs, both democrat and republican, continue on with their self serving agendas and destroy everything we have all worked for. It’s time for a revolution.

  15. Joan Asch says

    I own a business in a small town. The other day a 17 year old kid came in to inquire about a job, the first question out of their mouth was how much does it pay? I told them the starting salary for the position and they turned and told me that they didnt need an application because they make the same amount on welfare so why should they get a job. That was the moment that I realized the liberal devils in Washington were enabling people to be lazy and uneducated, because if they can train them to live on the government they can do what ever they want. I can remember when I was a kid getting on welfare and food stamps was not something you spoke about it was the dirty little secret you kept in the closet. Now its a way of life and as long as we keep working they will keep collecting unless we push for reform that makes sense, like mandatory drug testing if you collect government aid, you can not collect more if you have more kids, or how about this one GET A JOB!!!!!. there are was to fix the problem. The politicians in Washington treat us like children who don’t know any better. They think if they keep us happy we will turn a blind eye to what is happening. This program was meant to give a hand up not a hand out.

  16. Mike Hall says

    Well america has done it, the obama supporters have just signed our death notice. WTF!!!!
    dont they do any reading on this numbnuts. I for one was not impressed with Romney, but I figured we need a change. I believe its time for an american revolution. Peaceful yes, but a revolution to be.
    I think if we plan a road stoppage across the country, bring America to its knees. I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!

  17. Jim Lockwood says

    i have read all of the posts and I have most of the same concerns and discontent. However, I would like to know how all american’s who feel the same way can come together in a format and movement to truly make a difference for our country. I am also retired and a veteran and am sick of paying for everyone who is just sucking it up without having to do anything of value in return. Maybe all the entitlement programs should come to an end at some future date and everyone that wants to be on them would have to re-qualify under new, strict, but fair regulations. Our politicians must be forced to do the hard things necessary to bring this country back to a nation “by the people,” not by the “special interest groups.” Will the real United States of America please stand up!!!

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