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A while back I was astounded to watch a report on the lack of security in Federal Buildings all over the country.  Investigators actually smuggled bomb making supplies past security and into the buildings.  The report said one guard who was investigated was reportedly asleep due to drug ingestion.  Another was allegedly busy running a for-profit porno website when he was supposed to be on duty.  They failed to observe hand gun parts as well as bomb making apparatus.

Oh yes, Congress was outraged.  They’re saying the guards need more training and taxpayers should give the Federal Protective Service more money!  What else is new? What is big government’s solution to everything?  Throw more taxpayers’ money at it.

But is it a lack of training that led a security guard to be asleep?  Is it lack of training that allowed the other to be pursuing other financial interests while on the taxpayers’ nickel?  I don’t think so.  How ’bout lack of work ethic?  Lack of character?  Lack of competence?!

And then it hit me. THIS is what they want to do to our healthcare system…put it under the control of the clearly incompetent government!!!  Yes bureaucratic control is the answer!

This is unbelievable.  The leftists seem to think that government can to anything…and apparently they think it SHOULD run everything.

But what does the government do well?  How was your last trip to the U.S. Post Office?   Are you impressed with the way Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security are run?  Been through security at an airport lately?  How ’bout that TSA eh?

Honestly I cannot imagine a government run healthcare system that would be better than what we have now.  Before you start yelling, I DO agree that there is a need to refine and reform our current system.  However, I do not think, as most leftists seem to, that we should throw away the good with the bad aspects of our healthcare system.

Having researched socialized medicine in other countries, it is clear.  It does work to reduce costs.  But the way it does that is unacceptable to me.

Government run healthcare reduces costs by rationing care, by long, LONG wait times to see a physician, by flat out telling some people they cannot receive the care they want or need. ( Think of the system in the UK that required that a person be blind in one eye before they could be treated with medication that would prevent blindness in the other eye.)  In my opinion, that’s inhumane!  Is that what you want for yourself or for a loved one?  Not me.

Interestingly, I’ve noted that when the bleeding heart liberals get questions about healthcare, they are all willing to pay higher taxes to supply ‘healthcare for all.’  BUT, when they are specifically asked if they are willing to give up their current standard of healthcare and accept  lesser quality treatment, their answers become decidedly non-committal.  The answer is no!  Of course they don’t want to give up the good stuff for themselves or their families.  But they want to force legislation that requires the rest of us to do do.

Certainly this is true of the political class.  Our elected officials have the privilege of receiving the very best healthcare coverage in the world. Far better than what their constituents receive. Not only that, but one would be extremely naive if one didn’t realize that they also get special treatment when they do use our healthcare system.  Come on, do you really think that Ted Kennedy got the same treatment as Joe Smith when he was diagnosed with cancer?

However, preliminary drafts of healthcare legislation specifically exempts politicians and their families from the socialized medicine plan.  (Oh it is worded that they are ‘not eligible’ to participate.  As though they think they can fool us with this deceptive terminology, but essentially they’ve written themselves out of having to submit to the same low standard of care, rationing and wait times that the rest of us can look forward to.)

Even Barack Obama, during that White House infomercial that ABC ran on healthcare, when asked what he would want if the new system denied his own family access to a needed treatment, of course, Obama replied that if “it’s my family member, if it’s my wife, if it’s my children, if it’s my grandmother, I always want them to get the very best care.”

And yet, his comment about the elderly lady to fought for and received a pacemaker was that a person’s “spirit” cannot be considered when pursuing a rational and cost effective treatment.  Huh?  He wants what’s best for his family but that elderly lady’s family was not supposed to want the same?

We MUST fight to stop this insanity from getting passed!

Government run healthcare would decimate healthcare as we know it.  Do we want to go backwards?

For now, I am Sincerely,

The Fed Up American

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