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Obama: No Alternatives to ObamaCare!

It is ignorant at best and disingenuous at worst for Liberals to state that there are no ideas out there to fix health care other than the ridiculous nonsense that is currently coming out of Washington, D.C.

I hear it all the time.  From regular people–remember I live in Liberal-land–and from the president who, at every opportunity seems to imply that there are only two options–the status quo or his Party’s government take over. (Sounds like my way or the highway doesn’t it?)

To that I say…give me a break Mr. President.  Start by listening to someone outside your Liberal circle.  The ideas are out there…by golly, EVEN the evil Republicans have had some.

There was an interesting piece recently in the Wall Street Journal written by the CEO of Whole Foods that discussed what that company does about health insurance as well as the outcomes of their program.  Other companies have also made suggestions.  Listen outside of your own ideology Mr. President.  The answers are there.

For my part, here’s what I think:

I DO NOT want the government involved in controlling health care.

I DO think there should be a short bill–say, less than 100 pages–written in plain English that everyone–even Congress–could read and understand.

I DO NOT want health care reform–what ever form it takes–to raise either the National Debt or Taxes on anyone.

I DO want my health decisions to be between me, my family and my doctor.  NO GOVERNMENT ALLOWED!

I hope you’re listening.  I doubt it, but I do hope so!

The Fed Up American

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