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Mr. Obama, We Expected More From You!

Mr. Obama you campaigned on a platform of Hope & Change.  And American people, ever the optimists, ever those who believe that there’s nothing we can’t do and ever those who believe in dreams, took you at your word and elected you as President of our Republic.  But what you promised, and what we got, are two different things.

Mr. Obama, you promised to be a Post Partisan President who put aside partisan politics and worked solely for the good of our nation.  Yet on your first week in office, you told the other party that it would be your way…because you won.

Mr. Obama, you promised to be a Post Racial President who put aside racial politics and worked to heal the racial divide in our nation.  Yet during your first six months you stepped into the Skip Gates situation in a way that can only indicate your deep entrenchment in the politics of racial grievances.

Mr. Obama, you promised to bring us together as a nation.  But the first time we disagreed vocally with your ultra-liberal, some might say socialist, agenda, you called out your union thugs against us…to bully us…in a very blatant attempt to silence those who dissent.

Mr. Obama, you promised Hope & Change but what we got was Tax & Spend.

And now your poll numbers are plummeting.  And no, it isn’t because ’special interests’ are turning the people against you.  It is because you miscalculated….it is because you really don’t understand what it means to be American.

You have tried the standard Liberal tactic of “Class Warfare.”

So far you’ve tried to vilify “the rich.“  But what you didn’t understand is that Americans don’t hate the rich, we admire them…we want to achieve their success.

You’ve made wildly inaccurate accusations against doctors, implying that they perform procedures solely on the basis of financial reimbursement.  But most of us know our doctors, we like our doctors, we realize what they’ve gone through to become part of the health care profession, and appreciate what they do for us.

You’ve persistently attacked Fox News and talk radio…consistently the only media sources that do the job a free press is supposed to do…watch what the government is up to and report on it to the people.  But American citizens are tired of the main stream media’s biased and worshipful reporting on you.  We realize we aren’t getting the news we need from the MSM and we are flocking to other sources in droves.

And honestly, we think it is un-presidential for you to continue whining about cable news and other alternative media sources.  Man Up for Pete’s Sakes!

And you’ve tried to vilify us...those Americans who don’t disagree with you.  Your party and your administration and yes, even you, have called us extremists, shrill, evil-mongers etc.  Again, this simply illustrates that you do not understand who Americans are and what we care about.

Mr. Obama, we had great hopes for you.  The enormous good will you were offered when you were innaugurated was bipartisan.  We hoped for hope. We placed our trust in you.  And we wanted you to fulfill your promises.  We wanted you to be different.

And we have been gravely disappointed.

The Fed Up American

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