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Another Sterling Example of Govt Common Sense in Action!

I saw an article in the paper today that talked about the fastest dying cities in America… the ten cities in the US who are losing population the fastest.  These are:  Cleveland, Flint, Buffalo, Scranton, Dayton, Detroit, Canton, Charleston, W. Va, Springfield, MA and Youngstown, OH.

The article discusses the fact that government representatives from each of those cities just got together for a meeting called “10 Living Cities.”  And I have to admit I was amused…I mean, wouldn’t it be common sense to the average American that if you’re representing one of the 10 fastest dying cities in the US that the people you SHOULD be learning from are those who are running the 10 fastest growing cities in the US? Isn’t that where the learning opportunity exists?

But no, these government bureaucrats met together to swap stories, express frustration and commiserate with each other.  Yup, there’s the idea of productivity when it involves bureaucrats.

And I have to admit, I thought to myself “and these are the same types of bureaucrats that Liberals want to put in charge of America’s Health System!“  God help us all!

The Fed Up American

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