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People Know!

I loved this comment from: D106

What! Obama and the Dems lied? How unusual.

Listen, fellow posters; Obama and the Dems LIVE BY THE LIE. LYING is a way of life for those people. They are totally lacking in any ethical or moral behavior. Just look at the group of people that comprise the Dems; criminals, hoodlums, union thugs, sexual deviants, OWS protesters, abortionists, racists, race baiters, environmental nuts, Marxists, Socialists, Fascists, deadbeats, welfare abusers, dopers, the self entitled, Hollywood elitists, snobby journalists, crazy media, illegal aliens, gun smugglers, dope smugglers, porno distributors, atheists, presidential perjurers, and the list could go on and on.

So, should anyone be surprised that Obama and the Dems LIE?

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