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The Real Agenda?

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  1. Liz says

    I am a Spanish single woman, and even though I voted for Obama, now I can’t wait to get rid of him altogether.
    Tired of his speeches and lies. I lost my house, car and business last year, what else he wants out of poor people like myself.
    Not in welfare yet, but looking for work it is not easy, when most employeers want you in Welfare to get credits from the Government.
    Let’s get rid of Obama, and get our lives back, enough is enough!

  2. Ahmad says

    It is INCREDIBLY refreshing to hear non-whites speak out against Obama! He is a racist pig and wants minorities and poor to stay poor and helpless! Those who don’t want to be victims will not be victims but those who want a handout will continue to vote for him. His goal is not to make this country better, its to destroy it. He has actively pursued any means to lower us to the level of everyone else in the world because he believes we do not deserve our wealth and prosperity. Even when the county first began, sure there were slaves, but where else in the worl could a slave become free and become a businessman? How the hell do people not see the ACCOMPLISHMENTS in this great nation above the flaws!!!! It took some work to accomplish some of these feats but we have done it!!! Racism and social separation are a creation of those who WANT a reason to hate us. I can tell you first hand, as being part white and have white family members and friends, you don’t look at someone of color and think, “how pathetic’, you think “I wonder if he hates me for my skin color”. Ever heard of reverse racism?? Thats what’s happened. This country went from segregation, to voting in a black man to the presidency 40 years later JUST TO PROVE WE AREN’T RACIST! I didn’t, but many people did. People are sick and tired of being falsely accused of wild, stupid accusations! One thing Hitler hated about America was our ACCEPTANCE of different races and of women. The freedom people have had in this country was unheard of around the world for millenia. But people harp on isolated incidents of the past, that has been hyped up, and now we have “ghettos” and slums that people just have no intention of getting out of when they have had every single damn opportunity to. It’s not all their fault. Its the fault of leaders of the “Black community”. Why do races of people need leaders separate from the rest of us? Clearly its doing an AWESOME job. Reverse racism is being fed by lies and slander of those of us who wish more than anything that we could all just get along and make money. Get this asshole out of the office and turn this country around.

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