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The Audacity of Deceit

Does this administration, that campaigned on transparency and accountability, do anything that isn’t fraught with duplicity?  Has anyone else noticed how everything this administration does is about parsing words to hide the administration’s true intent?

This is true about everything from healthcare to Obama’s comments about the Cambridge Police.  (Remember, he later said he could have ‘calibrated his words better.’?  In actuality, I believe his knee-jerk reaction showed he meant exactly what he said the first time.  The ‘calibration’ had to do with hiding the truth about Obama’s beliefs about race.) For Obama, it isn’t about apology or retraction, it is about ‘calibrating words.’

You see this same duplicity in their attempts to push through various programs as well.  Look at Cap & Trade.  Look at Healthcare “Reform.”  Both bills are over 1000 pages long.

In the case of Cap & Trade, it was forced through the House of Representatives without having been read by those voting on it.  Only after the vote have the American People had a chance to hear what is contained in this awful bill and how it will negatively affect their lives.  Deceit.

With Healthcare, the same attempt has been made…get it pushed through the legislative process and signed before the people find out what is going on. They know that if people find out what this bill contains….like the end of life counselling that is being forced on American senior citizens….that they will not tolerate it, and their attempt to socialize medicine will fail. More intentional deception.

So are the American people being fooled by this deceit?  Some have fallen hook, line & sinker.  Others are experiencing “buyer’s remorse.”  Still others have known all along how awful this election was for freedom in the United States.

Certainly the attempts to hide the truth have been audacious. The costs of the House’s introduced healthcare legislation threatens our financial integrity and our economy. Yet, almost  every day, the government blithely promotes even more expenditures in the multi-billion dollar range. Politicians who lie to us are totally out of control.

So far Obama Administration has passed thousands of pages of legislation without being read by legislators.

And a pattern seems to be emerging.  In most of the legislation passed or attempted by the Obama Administration one or more of the following criteria has applied:

a. Low income voters and illegals are bribed to vote for Democrats with promises of governmental rewards.

b. Dictatorial and often unfair, direct government controls are imposed to satisfy left wing entitlement groups.

c. Money is stolen and/or redistributed (think about the auto companies’ bondholders whose stakes were given to the UAW, Obama supporters ).

d.Obama/Democrat supporters are rewarded with taxpayer money. Again, wealth distribution.

e. Lying about legislation or covering up about how that legislation will affect the lives of citizens in order to garner public support for the Democrat socialist agenda.

f. Supporting ACORN’s activities in voter fraud by ignoring it, and using ACORN to attempt to rig the census in favor of Democrats.

g. Strong arming any opposition to these actions by threatening organizations and individuals if they do not discontinue their opposition.

What was promised was the “Audacity of Hope.”  What we’ve gotten is the “Audacity of Deceit.”  Elections have consequences.  This is what “Hope & Change” does for you. And we’re all now paying for that.

We need to stand up and correct this terrible mistake before it is too late!


The Fed Up American

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