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It’s official.  The MSM has officially gone insane.  Look at this article from  This isn’t just insane, it is disgusting!  This author, clearly an Obamabot, is saying that the American People really have no need and no right to know what the Obama Administration has done in our name!

And even worse, in referring to those brave Americans who lost their lives because of Obama’s failed scheme to control guns in the US via the Fast and Furious scam he says this:

As for the innocent people who lost their lives? Collateral damage.

WOW!  Can you say heartless ideologue?  I wonder how this person would feel if one of those Americans who lost their lives had been his brother, wife or other family member.  Would he still be so blithe in his assessment of ‘collateral damage.’

To me this proves it definitively:  Liberals have no soul.

The Fed UP American

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