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You’re Illegal? You’re A-OK!

So the Supreme Court decided this week to allow Arizonan Police to ask about citizenship, but denied the remaining three motions by saying that those were the purview of the Federal Government and therefore those sections of Arizona’s laws were duplicative.

Arizona can therefore, legally inquire about the citizenship of someone they stop for a legal reason and then call the Federal government for confirmation of citizenship and to take the illegal into custody.   So before the day is up, what does the Obama Administration do?  It cancels its agreements with Arizona and has told its agents to refuse queries from Arizona regarding potential illegals.  WHAT!?  Does this sound like a 3 year old to you?

I PRAY that this backfires on Obama.  I PRAY that there are still enough Americans left who love America and the traditional rules of law that she stands for.  I PRAY for our Country.  God save us from this evil!

The Fed UP American

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  1. Julea A says

    PRAY all you want, but that never seems to help in these situations. Repealing the Health Care debacle seemed a no-brainer, but wasn’t, at least to the liberal mind, and there were millions of conservative prayers to stop it. It passed, and now we will be treated to the Obama-Pelosi smirk-fest, 2012. God didn’t help the Jews in the Holocaust, the pioneers during attack, the innocents praying for relief from pedophiles, etc., etc., etc. You better have something else.

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