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Remember When?

Remember when?

We could be certain that our Military was worthy of the respect in which we hold them?

–Now the news reports that rapes and other sexual crimes are rampant in their midst, and we see all sorts of inappropriate behaviors like photos next to dead enemies.

It wasn’t a shock to hear a young person address an adult as “Sir or Ma’am” and always used a title plus last name.

–Now kids expect that their viewpoint is just as valid as an adults, in spite of their lack of experience.  And radical teachers are USING the children they teach to push their radical agenda.  Currently there is a school system that is being forced to consider a ’students bill of rights’ written by kids, that is nothing more than propaganda for teacher’s unions collective bargaining.

We could honor and revere the Secret Service for their incredible commitment to national and presidential security?

–Now we hear stories of hookers and parties on the job, never thinking of the potential for blackmail or security breach.

We KNEW that a person was ‘innocent until PROVEN guilty?’

–Now we have the media and radicals rushing to judgment, corrupting jury pools and convicting a defendant in the public media.

We strived to achieve.  And we believed that an honest day’s work would bring rewards.

–Now the class warfare meme comes straight from the White House who tells us we’re ENTITLED to more.

We wanted to BE the next rich person and would be proud to accomplish that through an idea, action, dedication and hard work.

–Now we’re told we should vilify the rich–they’re selfish and no good.

Remember when America was America?

The Fed UP American

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