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I hurt worse than you?!

Now that Zimmerman has surrendered to authorities following charges being filed, it is to be hoped that things will settle down in Florida and elsewhere in the country.

Trayvon Martin’s mother was interviewed yesterday and expressed thanks that charges had been filed. And she’s fully entitled to want to know what happened to her son. But I found it striking that, even in her interview, when she was taking a conciliatory tone, she managed to play the victim. She said something along the lines of being sure that the Zimmerman family was hurting, but she was the one who had lost a child. And she’s right. She did lose a child and she is suffering. However, I believe that the Zimmerman’s are facing something she will likely never experience. They have been marked by race hustlers and other radical thugs. And they now live in fear.

And what about George Zimmerman himself? HOW can he possibly get a fair trial given that the media, thru lies and innuendo have already tried him and found him guilty. Where will the ‘jury of his peers’ be found–one not already prejudiced by the race baiters and media? If he is found not guilty, what then. Of course we can predict riots in the streets. But will he ever be able to have a life again? Or will the radical race baiters hunt him down and kill him anyway? Likewise if he is incarcerated for what he has done–will he live out his life, or will he be killed in prison by someone seeking ‘Justice for Trayvon?’

See, there is no one involved whose pain is less than anyone else’s. And the involvement of the media and race hustlers, including the president, have only made matters worse, not better. Whatever happened to a fair trial and innocent until proven guilty?
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