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Is this America?

The news reporting on those wild fires in Colorado has shown just how far independent Americans have fallen. Watching a TV report a few days ago, I was struck, when a bunch of Colorado residents in the fire’s path were interviewed on the news complaining because they hadn’t been notified by the government that they should get out of harm’s way! Can you believe that??? These Americans–progeny of the intrepid Pioneers who tamed the West–were WHINING because they had to think for themselves!!!! Astonishing!

To me, it seems simple. Note your home is in the path of an oncoming wild fire. Pack as much as you can that you value. Save only what is TRULY important. Get yourself, your family and your pets to safety. Why does ANYONE need the government to tell them to do that. Common sense!!!

To me, this is a clear indication that this country is quickly devolving into a Nanny State where the government must not only provide for you, but it must THINK for you as well. We live in VERY dangerous times folks. Time to consider. Time to think about what we’ve become.

Time to “Cowboy Up!”
The Fed UP American

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