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Joe’s got this one right!

I found this observation by Joe Greenwell on another site following an article that talked a bout how the Obama Administration secretly collaborated with a far-left group to put “Net Neutrality” in place. Does this administration EVER do anything that isn’t sneaky? Here’s what Joe had to say:

Let’s see the plan
1. Control the movement of citizens. (TSA at airports soon to be train railway and bus stations.) Place GPS systems in every vehicle so they can tax us by the mile driven. Of course they will know where you went and when.
2. Control the food and its distribution system. New regulations high fuel prices make food become expensive so everyone has to have food stamps.
3. Control communication and free speech….fairness doctrine, net neutrality.
4. Deny personal property rights. No private ownership. (Kilo decision USSC.)
5. Disarm the populace to prevent it from defending itself against intrusive government.
6. Deny privacy and security of persons even in their own home. (Indiana Supreme Court….no citizen has the right to resist an illegal search.)
7. Control access to heath services.
8. Control energy distribution. CO2 caps and taxes.

Looks like they are well on the way. How do you like this Hope and Change? United Socialist States of America.

How can you argue with Joe’s logic? Get prepared and start teaching now folks! Hard times are coming! Even IF we can take back our government in 2012!
The Fed UP American

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  1. jeff says

    Hello, My name is jeff, i agree with Joe 100% on each point. i am so fed up with the government i am not even sure where to start , also not sure my post will get posted as i will not be politically correct for anyone, fed up of that too!! shocked? why? i think we all need a dose of reality and im sorry but being PC skirts reality, i dont care if i hurt your feelings, that is not my intention at all but trust me some very hard things need to be said and done to save this country. at times i feel like its to late ,theres nothing i or we can do at this point just buckle up and enjoy the demise, note i said at times i feel that way but i am an American by birth as are my ancestors and its going to get worse before it gets better but as Americans we will not fail nor will we allow our government to over run us,, i know i know they are already doing that yes i understand and my hope is more people are as fed up as i am. ok i could go on and on but i wont as i am a new visitor to this site and was just so happy to find others that are fed up. one question, Are You Fed Up Enough To Do Whatever It Takes To Get Our Country Back To The Constitution? Until we as a people unite and decide YES to that one question what hope should we have? Ok im done but if i may just throw one little small idea out there for you to consider,, trust me i realize this one idea will not save us but as i stated previously i could go on and on,, here is just an example of one small thing that should be done. The salaries of all government employees should match the average Americans salary to the penny, their salary should rise and fall with the Average Americans Salary. it burns me up they get paid bloated salaries with expense accounts of which i am positive are used for personal expenses, why should they even have an expense account with their salary i wonder and a 5% increase in their salary automatic annually? what a sweet deal. I know thats a small thing but one thing i am is fair and to me thats fair. do i think its wrong to prosper? NO but i do wish it was against the law for millionaires to run for office, do we have any federal government elected officials that are not millionaires? not that im aware of, they are just so out of touch with real America and real Americans problems and more concerned with how pretty they look for their sound bites. FED UP!!!

  2. phill sauerland says

    to joes comment her in idaho where a large percent of people hunt for there food my theory on government control of food and we the people they introduce the wolf put them on the endangered spiecies list let them grow out of control now they are killing off the deer and elk herds to the point where people will not be able to be self sustained and will have to rely on them for food.
    And to jeff’s comment are politicial system is a joke i heard on the radio the other day rosanne bar was thinking of running for president then you have donnald trump arnold Schwarzenegger we need an average american like you and i.
    There are so many taxes we are hit with everyday so many we are not aware of all of them taxes useing your cell phone road tax gas tax self employment tax and the list goese on and on let’s get to a flat tax every one pays the same reduce the amount of irs employees,
    I know people on perment dissability that go out and work under the table that are supposed to be not able to work they are scaming the system i turned them in but nobody did anything they just don’t care. well enough of me ranting and boreing every one

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