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The Hypocritical Left

So I went touristing last weekend. Ended up, much to my dismay, in an area which shall henceforth be named UberLiberalLand. I actually went there to see the historical sights and learn about our nation’s history. What I got was a reminder of just how hypocritical the Left really is.

Case in point. Taking an historical walking tour of a western mining town, I happened to walk by a bumper sticker I just couldn’t believe. On one of the biggest model SUV’s that exist in the country today. An SUV that was decked out with every bell and whistle you can imagine–leather seats, DVD player–options galore. This bumper sticker proudly ordered:

Live Simply so that Others May Simply Live!

Ha! I just cannot get over the hypocritical nature of this ‘advice.’ It seemed to scream “Do as I say–NOT as I do!”
The Fed UP American

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