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Isn’t it nice?

That while the headlines today are all about the terrible devastation in the mid section of our country, while American families are suffering the loss of their families, friends, neighbors, homes and communities, that Barack Obama has the time to vacation in Europe again?  What a guy–I love the picture of him raising his glass of Guiness in Ireland.

Yeah I know he called the governor of MO to give his condolences.  And I know he “ordered” FEMA to give assistance.  But really–do those idiots in the White House not realize the optics of the situation?  He’s partying in Europe while the news shows scene after scene of destruction.  How stupid of them.  Gives new clues to his persona of being uncaring and cold.

At this time, the President belongs at home–reassuring his people.  Good luck with that one with this ‘president.’

The Fed UP American

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