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Misplaced Outrage???

According to Yahoo News, the French are outraged by U.S. treatment of accused rapist Strauss-Kahn.

Arrested on Saturday and charged with sexually assaulting a chambermaid at a luxury New York hotel, Strauss-Kahn was made by police to walk manacled in front of cameras on his way to a courthouse, and his appearance before a judge was televised.

Former Culture Minister Jack Lang described the treatment of the Socialist presidential frontrunner — whose political career is now in tatters — as a “lynching” that had “provoked horror and aroused disgust.”

And of course, it is the Lefties who are “Outraged.”

My question is, wouldn’t it be nice–just once–if the Lefties were outraged at the potential crime that was allegedly perpetrated on that victim instead of the alleged shame that the accused feels?  Oh yeah, they’re only for victim’s rights when it suits the Left’s agenda a/k/a/ Rev. Al…

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