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The Debt Ceiling

So apparently we reached the ‘Debt Ceiling’ yesterday. And congress has yet to fix the problem with huge spending cuts. Maybe they’re run out of ideas as to what to cut. So I offer my ideas as a suggestion…

Let’s cut:
The Department of Education
Michelle Obama’s HUGE White House Staff
The number of plane trips Obama can take on Air Force One
The Department of Homeland Security
The Benefits and Perks that Congress receives in perpetuity
All Lobbiests
Etc. Etc. Etc.

Those are some of my favorites. What are yours?
The Fed UP American

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  1. james says

    The working class needs to grab control, and soon. We are the strength of this nation after all. What we think are our leaders are not. They are actors for others in control. Look up George Carlins last few shows, most direct place for you to see. He did not convince me of this, I have seen it for myself for some time. Forget all the junk they try to separate us with, race, class, religion whatever. We are all human beings from the planet Earth, misled by power hungry war mongers not concerned about our one big human family. No matter what you believe, you have been granted this life by powers that no man has, and you have the right to happiness and the riches the earth has for all of us to share. No government has any interest in solving your problems in your life. We are all on our own, so lets stop hurting each other over what another man told you to believe. Every human being on this planet right now could stand comfortably in a circle just 26 miles wide, the earth is 25,000 miles around its equator. Thinking there is more than enough for all. We are not causing the bad impacts on this planet you are being told, they are playing with dangerous devices to alter natural systems on this planet to make you think the human race is a problem. My Brothers and Sisters, spread these truths any way you can.

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