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Court Fixed to Favor Obama Legislation!

So the Obama Administration is going to be arguing for the survival of the healthcare law in front of a court that is completely democrat–2 Obama appointees and 1 Clinton appointee.  Supposedly ‘randomly picked’ via computer.  Really?  Does that sound right to any thinking American?  So I guess after this travesty, the healthcare law will survive and eventually be headed to the Supreme Court.

Frankly I’d like to ask a question…the polls STILL show that people are against Obamacare.  So why would an American President continue an extensive and expensive legal battle to continue a law that most folks abhor?  Oh yeah, it’s all about consolidating as much power as possible with the state.  And believe me, this is the big one.  Once they control your healthcare, THEY OWN YOU!

We’d better keep at Congress.  And we’d better vote the right way in 2012–or we’re doomed.

The Fed UP American

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