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Oh those downtrodden women!

I was listening to Rush today and heard a commercial for a university womens’ group.  I’m sure it was a local commercial and not one run on Rush’s national show.  In any event, these commercials–there were a series–were all talking about how downtrodden women are….how they’re oppressed by men who are always trying to keep them down.  And all I could think of was–gimme a break—do these folks really think this is the 1800’s or what?  There are more women in college and in professional schools than ever before.  Women succeed in the workplace if they choose and at home if they choose.  Women, it seems to me, have all the choices today–in terms of roles–they can choose to be single or to be married.  To be mothers or not.  To be great at a career or stay at home greatness–as a mom.  I find it pathetic that this organization is still playing the ‘victim’ card for women.  And it will be a shame if some women fall for their line!

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