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Character, Progressive-style!

I was thinking of writing a piece on character.  You know, the kind of character that Americans USED to have–before moral equivalence became the norm.  Character–you know, respect, politeness, courage, honesty, integrity, values, morality–kinda like the Founding Fathers had.  So I googled the topic just to see what was out there and boy was I shocked to see the number one site on google.  Here it is.

What disturbs me the most is that in my opinion, these ‘values’ that are being advocated are not those of our judeo-christian heritage but rather those of the ’social-justice leftists.’

Just look at their color pneumonics:Green-responsibility for gardening, orange-equal division of assets and my personal favorite, purple–regal purple representing the state!!!  According to this site, to be a good citizen you should respect authority, care for the environment and volunteer.  This drivel is being force-fed to kids today!

Whoa–what about honoring your parents, self-governing and self-reliance?

This is VERY disturbing!

The Fed UP American

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