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The Liberal Perspective on Atlas Shrugged!

I’ve been checking out the movie goer reviews on “Atlas Shrugged.” And when I read the Liberal point of view on the movie, I am amazed. These people all seem to see the same thing: “This movie is a celebration of GREED!” Huh???? That isn’t what I saw at all. What I saw was a celebration of initiative. A celebration of creating opportunity…..of having goals and a vision and working toward that! The liberal “greed” thing–sorry, didn’t see it.

But that makes me wonder if we can possibly save this country. It sure seems to me that Progressives have been able to indoctrinate the citizenry to the point that strive to achieve is bad….that success is an anathema and those who have achieved are responsible for all the woes of the world and should be punished.

When people see a movie that shows how government manipulates its citizenry and the country for its own power and cannot comprehend that what is taken from ‘rich people, rich states or rich countries’ could also be taken from them, do we have hope?

The Fed UP American

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