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An interesting point

Here’s an interesting perspective I found on a blog. The first line is from some liberal/prog hack who is hoping for a government shut down so the GOP and the Tea Party will be harmed. The remainder is the response:

“Let them shut it down. That will certainly be the nail in the coffin for the GOP, and yes Tea partiers as well.”

The Democrats WANT to shut down the government for EXACTLY this reason! They desperately want to use ANY tactic they can to harm the Republicans and if that means shutting down the government they are all for it to try and cast the Tea Party as evil people who want to cut off grandma’s Social Security check and make her eat dog food. The REALITY is that the Democrats…HAVE NOT PASSED A BUDGET IN 18 MONTHS!!!!! THEY were in charge, THEY couldn’t get it done when they were the majority party. They larded up the budget CRs with hundreds of billions in crony pork spending, and don’t want to cut a penny from their blow-out spending binge.

You know how much $33 billion is against the $1.6 TRILLION deficit spending the Democrats committed us to? A pitiful 2% — take away that $33 billion and we still have a DEMOCRAT created deficit of $1,567 BILLION dollars.

But politics and power are more important than a stable secure nation, so the Democrats are willing to screw every last one of you complaining government workers to try and score some political points. And if Grandma eats dog food for a while, well, that’s just the sacrifice she’s gonna have to make to help advance the power of the Democrats.

He’s got a point there.
The Fed UP American

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