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Get Real!

There are loads of “geek” magazines and journals in my house because of the occupation of one of the family members–a “geek.”  And occasionally I look at them. And recently I was perusing one that showed all the latest and greatest gadgets that the up-to-date geek MUST have and found an interesting perspective.

This article showed the advantages and disadvantages of the new “tablets” that are all the rage.  Expense was the greatest disadvantage.  They compared the cost of a tablet to the cost of other things you could do with that money….and an idea struck me. In my opinion, expense is bad, but the cost in time is worse.  The more time spent in ‘virtual land’ the less time spent with those you care about.

All of the other things you could do with that money were experiences you could have while interacting with other human beings….expensive dinners out, nights in a nice hotel, sport fishing etc.  You know, doing things with PEOPLE out in the REAL world.  Contrast that to gaming in the virtual world, texting and surfing.  No human interaction there.

Business tomes now speak of having to coach young new hires in interactive skills because they’re so used to texting and tweeting that they do not know how to behave in a business environment.

Personal relationships are being affected by electronic ‘addictions.’

I say that it is time to get out of the virtual world.  Put computers back in their place.  Are they useful tools.  Sure they are.  Should they take over your life as they have done for so many?  Not in my opinion!

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