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Giving a cheer for Oklahoma!

I was touristing in Oklahoma last week.  What a great state!  People proudly wear their American Flag shirts and Christian Crosses.  Obama bumperstickers are few and far between while anti-socialism stickers abound.  And no one seems to be afraid to say Merry Christmas.  I was in love with the state….and then this incident occurred:

I attended a Christmas concert in a small music hall in a small town near Oklahoma City.  To begin the concert, the announcer, an older man got up and started telling jokes to warm up the crowd before introducing the musicians.  One of his jokes was about Obama…pro-conservative.

People were chucking, when a loud voice came from the crowd shouting “Not everyone appreciates that type of humor.”

Now you know that by now, most liberals are well aware of the power of being offended.  If they publicly take offense at something, history shows that conservatives will back down.

NOT IN OKLAHOMA!  To my surprise and delight, there came a voice from the back of the room that quickly and decisively stated:  “But the REST of us do!!!”  And the crowd broke out in cheers and applause.

What a great way to put that liberal in her place!  It made my night.  And was a perfect example of what we need to start doing.  Only 20% of this country describes itself as liberal.    Why are conservatives so willing to shut up and let them drive the discourse?

It is time, like the guy from Oklahoma did, to express our rights of free speech and stand up for our beliefs in just as forceful a manner as liberals have been allowed to do.

Thanks Oklahoma….for your hospitality….for  the entertainment….and for setting a great example to the rest of us!

Happy New Year!

The Fed UP American

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