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The Petulant Obama

I was watching the news this morning and heard a Democrat strategist say that Obama’s surly speech a few days ago attacking the Republicans as ‘hostage takers’ and the Far Left as ’sanctimonious’ might not be playing well with the politicians inside the beltway, but that the American people outside of Washington liked it.

Really?  Hmmm.  Not from my perspective.  I’ve perused many many blog comments about the speech, and it seems that the American people aren’t terribly impressed with a president who acts like a petulant child.  Indeed, it seems as though many people took his performance to indicate that Obama is having a tantrum because, for once in his spoiled life, he didn’t get his way.

So the syncophants can spin this all they want.  The People want some dignity from the president.  And they’d like a bit of that respect for the opposition that he campaigned on.

We think you said it best Mr. President:  on November 2nd, WE WON.  Get over it.

The Fed UP American

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