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Name your favorite “Stimulus Package” Money Wasters:

So some Republicans have come out with a report entitled “Summertime Blues” which, in effect, lists the 100 most egregious money wasters to be found so far in Obama’s vaunted “Stimulus Package.” I have my favorites (sarcastic humor intended) and I’d be interested to hear what you think the worst, funniest, most ironic schemes that Liberals have come up with to waste your money!

So here goes, my top three favorite money wasters from the Obama Stimulus Package are:

20. Monkey and Chimpanzee Responses to Inequity (Atlanta, GA) – $677,462184

36. Scientist Attempts to Create Joke Machine (Evanston, IL) – $712,883264

(Sorry I just HAVE to comment on this one…Americans already HAVE a joke machine….it’s called “Congress” …what a bunch of clowns!)

39. Research: Marketing Video Games to the Elderly (Raleigh, NC and Atlanta, GA) – $1.2

Oh yeah, and THESE two in particular are simply and obnoxiously wrong in a creepy….Marxist sort of way…talk about improving the Propaganda of the State:

45. Understanding Perceptions of the Economic Stimulus (Dallas, TX & Houston, TX) -


64. Are Viewers Primed by Prime-Time Politics? (Princeton, NJ & Ann Arbor, MI) -$317,216

Now, aren’t you glad Obama and the Dems have put your kids and grandkids into permanent slavery to debt to ‘accomplish’ this!?!

Remember in November,
The Fed UP American

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