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Fed Up With Huge Deficits?

Those of you who are concerned….scared….terrified….about the government’s spending and the incredible increase in the deficit that we’re handing off to future generations should give this Wall Street Journal article a look.  The analysis is succinct and on-point.

President Barack Obama took office promising to lead from the center and solve big problems. He has exerted enormous political energy attempting to reform the nation’s health-care system. But the biggest economic problem facing the nation is not health care. It’s the deficit. Recently, the White House signaled that it will get serious about reducing the deficit next year—after it locks into place massive new health-care entitlements. This is a recipe for disaster, as it will create a new appetite for increased spending and yet another powerful interest group to oppose deficit-reduction measures.

This is written by the former head of the CBO.  You have to believe he understands the current economic situation and the ramifications of the various bills that are being rushed through Congress.  On healthcare he says this:

In short, any combination of what is moving through Congress is economically dangerous and invites the rapid acceleration of a debt crisis. It is a dramatic statement to financial markets that the federal government does not understand that it must get its fiscal house in order.

What to do? The best option would be for the president to halt Congress’s rush to fiscal suicide, and refocus on slowing the dangerous growth in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. He should call on Congress to pass a comprehensive reform of our income and payroll tax systems that would generate revenue sufficient to fund its spending desires in a pro-growth and fair fashion.

Scared yet?  Many of us are Fed Up with Government.  We need to contact our Senators, our Congresspeople and the White House….daily if necessary to get our point accross.  We MUST stop this before it is too late.

The Fed Up American

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