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Lies & Broken Promises

I read an interesting piece on Obama’s double talk.  It is entitled: Obama’s mythography:  An Orwellian Disaster. (And to eliminate confusion, I looked up the term “Orwellian.”)  The definition of Orwellian is relating to George Orwell’s writings; particularly his description of a future totalitarian state.

And after reading that, I realized that there seems to be a pattern developing here…a pattern of lies and broken promises from this administration to the American people.  This from the candidate who promised accountability and transparency. (Oh wait a minute…he’s already broken that promise as well!)

Let us just consider a short list…once again, I’m sure many of you can come up with things to add.

Let’s see:  Obama insisted that spending $787 Billion of the taxpayers money would save our economy…we HAD to do it quickly and without consideration.  OOPS, that expenditure did nothing to end the recession.

Remember, jobs were going to be saved.  OOPS!  More people are out of work now and the number is still climbing.

Obama said he had no desire or intention of running auto companies.  OOPS!  Now the government and the unions are in charge at GM and Chrysler.

During the campaign, he castigated John McCain for suggesting that Health Benefits be taxed.  OOPS!  First Obama said that is not ‘off the table.’  He only changed his mind again when he got pushback from people.

Obama said he would not tax American couples who made less than $250,000.00.  But like all his other promises….that number is ‘evolving.’

Obama pushed for Cap & Trade legistlation promising it would be at minimal cost to taxpayers.  OOPS!  Even the Congressional Budget Office said they can’t really put an accurate number on the costs of cap and trade since the bill was passed before it was evaluated!

Now Obama’s pushing healthcare reform….and in spite of what he calls it, it WILL end up being a form of government controlled healthcare.  He’s starting to make promises he cannot believe he can actually keep.  How can the American public believe him?

It is time to say ‘enough’ to the lies, the broken promises and the intentional deceptions.  Americans are tough enough to face the truth.  They are willing to discuss and come up with innovative solutions without government controlling every aspects of our lives.  It’s time to tell them to stop!


The Fed Up American

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