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Taxation Without Representation!

I don’t know about you, but I feel as though I am no longer being represented by my elected officials.  Our founding documents did not allow for people to be required to submit to taxation without representation but that is what’s happening at this time.  As I said yesterday, it doesn’t seem to even matter if you attempt to influence your congresspeople…you are patronized or ignored.

I’ll give you an example.  Last week before the House of Representatives voted on H.R. 2454, (they were calling it Cap & Trade but it is really Cap & Tax), I contacted my Representative.  I respectfully asked that he vote “NO” on Cap & Trade.  I listed my reasons including that I feel strongly that the recession that the world is currently experiencing should preclude even the consideration of a bill that has the potential to raise expenses for every family in America.  Now is not the time.  And there has been no rational discourse or input, just a mad rush to get over one thousand pages pushed into law…and those who voted hadn’t even READ it!  But I digress.

I got a written response from my representative a few days later. And when I received it, I was pleased.  I thought that maybe, just maybe, they were listening. Oops!  Wrong again!

He thanked me for my input and told me he valued my opinion.  The remainder of the two page letter was about how hard he had fought to get H.R. 2454 passed!

Not only were my comments not considered, but a standard form letter was my only response. This letter clearly indicated that they totally ignored everything I said.  (Frankly I don’t think they actually read it. But hey, why read a letter from a constituent when they don’t even read the bills they’re voting into law?!)  Believe me, I am offended.

To support my theory that we are being completely ignored by the political class I suggest that you check out this piece from the Washington Post:

The author talks about the millions of emails, phone calls and letters that have poured into Washington that have been ignored.

Furthermore, the piece talks about the White House’s response to the Tea Parties in April 2009…the White House said the President was ‘unaware’ of the Tea Parties.

First of all, I doubt that!  This administration has shown itself to be very interested in public opinion, at least when it suits their agenda.  Secondly, if the President, who was elected BY the People to do the work OF the People, was “unaware” that thousands of people were congregating to express concern at his policies…WHY WASN’T HE AWARE???  Aren’t those his employers???  (Nope, only liberals, interest groups and political contributors seem to matter to this guy.)

But don’t despair…we MUST keep our voices raised.  We MUST make ourselves heard if we’re going to save our beloved country!  So go to a Tea Party today, on the celebration of Independence Day, and like those in 1776, raise your voice to fight for freedom once more!


The Fed Up American

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